TIL C++11!

Just a quick post to write about something mildly important to know.

Are you not defining your own copy constructors / assignment operators for each and every single class you do? (Kudos! Waste of time TM + unexpected behaviors / bugsources!)

Stop defining empty destructors!

At least for me, the standard is to have a standard create class macro / template, and this includes an empty destructor.
Especially since visual studios create class creates the constructor and the destructor empty for you as base.
Up until C++11, this has not been a problem.

But now! With C++11 the new and cool move constructor is not autogenerated if you have an empty destructor!

If you didn’t know the rules for auto generating move constructors: ”No user-declared copy constructor, copy assignment operator or destructor. Also breaks if any of the auto generated ones are invalid.”

Basically no-nos if you want a auto generated move constructor are:
Class::Class(const Class& other)
Class& operator=(const Class& other)

Here’s a clipping of some of my tests http://imgur.com/pS8Xnql

Yeah! TIL!


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  1. 01:03, 1 april, 2013r2p2  / Svara

    How about virtual destructors?


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